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Energy-Efficient Multi Sensor Interface for Smart Deliveries: Ellenex Logistic Monitoring Solutions on Mobile

Industrial logistics across the supply chains around the world are challenged by high energy costs, where 63% of companies are seeking approaches to reduce energy consumptions.
Logistic and Delivery Industry has faced the highest concern and demand in energy savings and operational efficiency boosting given the rising price of fuel

The Rising Demand for Energy Efficiency in Logistic and Delivery Operation

The logistics and delivery sector faces significant challenges due to rising energy costs, which are driven by factors such as soaring fuel prices and increased operational inefficiencies. These challenges are compounded by the sector's heavy reliance on energy, particularly for transportation and warehousing:

  • Transportation: The primary source of energy waste in logistics and delivery comes from the transportation of goods. Vehicles, especially trucks, consume large amounts of fuel, contributing significantly to operational costs. The inefficiency in route planning and vehicle utilisation further exacerbates this issue.

  • Refrigeration: In sectors like fresh produce and food manufacturing, refrigeration costs are a major concern. High energy consumption for maintaining cold storage temperatures leads to significant energy wastage, especially during peak demand periods.

  • Warehouse Operations: Warehouses, being large structures, require substantial energy for lighting, heating, and cooling. Inefficient use of space and outdated equipment can lead to unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Equipment and Machinery: The use of outdated or inefficient machinery and equipment in logistics and delivery operations can lead to higher energy consumption. Modernisation and upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment can significantly reduce energy wastage.

On a global scale, businesses have been encountering an increase in fuel expenses, directly impacting the awareness and demands on improving the efficiency of the logics and delivery sector. Statistics indicate that the global fuel energy price index surged to 202.89 index points in October 2023, marking a noteworthy rise from its 2016 baseline of 100.

This escalation in fuel costs has resulted in a significant uptick in operational expenses for logistics and delivery enterprises. Numerous companies are seeking to cut expenses by enhancing efficiencies, where 63% of operators are striving to decrease energy consumption. Particularly in Europe, where there is a substantial reliance on imported energy, with 55% of energy consumption being imported, logistics firms face heightened susceptibility to price fluctuations, exacerbating financial constraints and operational effectiveness.

Embrace the Energy Efficiency: Ellenex Logistic Monitoring IoT solutions

Ellenex RM1 IoT devices have the capability of measuring multiple measurements such as temperature, contact sensors and GPS sensors, enabling your energy savings in logistic and delivery purposes

With continuous advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN), the investment and efforts needed to facilitate remote monitoring and energy reductions are significantly reduced. Scalable to cater to your delivery scale, the evolving connectivity with NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) and LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technologies are capable of providing reliable and efficient logistic tracking with minimum maintenance costs.

For our industrial logistic and delivery clients, Ellenex explore the dynamic integration of Ellenex's temperature, door, and GPS sensors into a powerful multi-sensor interface. Valuing the cost-effectiveness of your investment, we offer multiple measurements within the same unit of IoT devices:

  1. Temperature Sensor: Temperature sensors are ubiquitous in IoT applications, providing crucial data for various industries. Whether it's climate control, industrial processes, or healthcare, accurate temperature monitoring is essential. By accurately monitoring temperatures, these sensors ensure that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems operate efficiently, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

  2. Door Sensor: Ellenex door sensors, also known as contact sensors, play a pivotal role in security and automation. These sensors detect the status of doors—whether they are open or closed. This prevents energy wastage from refrigerator systems overclocking.

  3. GPS Sensor: Ellenex GPS sensors enable location tracking, opening up a myriad of possibilities for applications ranging from fleet management to asset tracking. Integrating Ellenex GPS into your IoT solution provides real-time location data, enhancing the overall efficiency and security of connected systems.

With pre-configured and pludge-and-use style, Ellenex provide remote monitoring on both web platforms and mobile applications, elevating the efficiency and security of delivery systems as logistic industry values mobility more than anything!

Screenshot of Ellenex mobile application's ream time GPS tracking and Fuel reduction notifications
Ellenex offers outstanding IoT solutions for our logistics and delivery industrial clients
Applicable across different industries
  1. Pharmaceutical Deliveries: Ellenex's sensor suite ensures that pharmaceuticals are transported within precise temperature ranges. The mobile app allows pharmaceutical companies to monitor and control temperature settings in real-time, ensuring the integrity of sensitive medications.

  2. Food and Perishable Goods: In the food industry, Ellenex's sensors guarantee the freshness of perishable goods. The mobile app provides real-time temperature updates, while advanced control systems allow for remote adjustments, maintaining optimal storage conditions.

  3. E-commerce and Last-Mile Deliveries: Ellenex's technology is a game-changer for e-commerce platforms. Live GPS tracking and door status alerts ensure secure deliveries, while the mobile app provides real-time updates for customers, enhancing the overall e-commerce experience.

  4. Logistics and Supply Chain: In the broader logistics and supply chain industry, Ellenex's sensors and control systems streamline operations. Real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive cargo, coupled with GPS tracking and secure door systems, optimises efficiency and reduces risks.

Screenshoot of tracking temperature of trucks caontainers
Ellenex Provide advanced temperature monitoring for frozen cargo delivery

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