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Comprehensive IoT Notification System using Ellenex Platform for advanced threshold notifications

In an increasingly interconnected world, real-time data monitoring is critical for various applications, be it manufacturing, healthcare, or smart cities. However, the value of data doesn't just lie in collecting it but also in knowing how to act on it when it matters the most. One effective way to achieve this is through a comprehensive notification system that alerts you when critical parameters fall out of the predefined range.

Notification System using Ellenex Platform for advanced threshold notifications

In this post, we'll explore how to use the Ellenex Platform to set up your IoT Notification System with advanced threshold-based notifications via Email and SMS. The platform allows you to set notifications for parameters like level, pressure, temperature, distance, or water quality. The aim is to build a system where notifications are triggered automatically based on real-time data, negating the need to check the application constantly.

Setting Up your IoT Notification System

Step 1: Access the Alerts section for your device

Log in to your Ellenex account at and navigate to the devices page. From here, you'll be able to manage all your devices and set Alerts against a device using the Alerts button.

Screenshot from Ellenex Plaform showing the device list

Step 2: Choose Your Parameter

Click the Alerts button against the device whose data you wish to monitor. To create a new alert, click the + Create button. Choose one of the parameters available on the device for which you want to set up notifications.

Screenshot from Ellenex Platform showing a list of parameters for creating alerts

Step 3: Define the Threshold

Ellenex offers flexibility in defining the threshold conditions. You can set notifications to trigger when the chosen parameter goes:

  • Greater than a specific value

  • Less than a specific value

  • Greater than or equal to a specific value

  • Less than or equal to a specific value

  • Doesn't receive data for an x amount of time

screenshot from ellenex platform showing a form for setting alert conditions

Step 4: Set up the Notification Method, Message and Type of Breach

You have the option to receive notifications either via Email or SMS. Choose the method that is most convenient for you. You can also set the notification to repeat at a fixed time period so as not to miss and stay on top of your alert.

You can also enable notification once the alert is cleared.

screenshot showing alert form on ellenex platform with alert type and other information

Step 5: Test and Deploy

Before finalising, test the notifications to ensure they're working as expected. Once confirmed, deploy the settings to start receiving alerts.

Benefits of Advanced Threshold Notifications

  1. Near Real-Time Monitoring: No more periodic checks; get alerts instead as soon as the data is received.

  2. Reduced Manual Labor: Automating the monitoring process minimises human error.

  3. Quick Decision-Making: Immediate notifications enable quicker response to potential issues.

  4. Versatility: The Ellenex Platform supports a wide range of parameters, making it versatile for multiple applications.


Advanced threshold notifications are indispensable for proactive monitoring and decision-making. The Ellenex Platform offers an easy-to-use, reliable system for setting up these alerts, thereby elevating the overall utility of your IoT infrastructure.

By taking the time to set up these notifications, you're not just simplifying your life; you're also optimising your operations for peak performance.



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