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Ellenex LoRaWAN Connectivity in Remote Environments: Reliable and highly Available Industrial Monitoring

It is estimated that IoT applications in remote areas offer at least $3.2 Trillion values per year.

The Value of Remote Operational Challenge

The efficiency of industrial operations have always been a challenge, especially in remote areas where timely and reliable communication is crucial for decision-making and resource allocation amidst complex infrastructures and equipment.

The challenge of operating in remote environments have great potential of technical resolutions, where IoT applications in remote areas offer at least 80% of the total of 3.9 trillion dollars of global commercial values

Infrastructures and operations in remote worksites, factories, transportations and even urban cities all face scalability challenges, battling with means of operating efficiently across these expansive regions. 

  • Limited Access: With low population densities, rural areas often lack the transportation infrastructure and professional personnel to access sites that are critical to your operational decision-making.

  • Vast Distances: Rural Areas and even urban areas extensively cover vast amounts of distances that are operationally infeasible and costly to visit frequently, frequently resulting in the lack of maintenance and responsive monitoring.

  • Weak Signals: With geographic obstacles and severe atmospheric conditions, the ability to maintain reliable communication reliably becomes challenging across vast distances.

  • Power Constraints: Access to reliable resources such as electricity, gas and water becomes more expensive and limited, which is financially unacceptable to operate inefficiently in rural environments.

Challenges Breed Solutions

These well-known challenges correspondingly present significant potential for the adoption of technologies including IoT (Internet of Things). In fact, IoT has the potential to contribute substantially in addressing the operational efficiency of the remote environment.

Furthermore, Leveraging IoT devices with cloud-based platforms can significantly enhance communication in remote regions, enabling real-time monitoring on your valuable assets and the critical surrounding environment status with minimum labor and inspection costs.

  • Cost-effective: Catering to the demand of cost-effectiveness monitoring in rural areas, the Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies have dominated among the communication methods with its nature of low-cost and low-data frequency. With online integration, industrial clients choose the sensoring time that best suits their operations.

One of the most popular LPWAN technologies is the LoRaWAN network architecture, contributing to more than 40% of the total connections, specialised for assisting operations in remote regions that require Long Range (LoRa) communications.

  • Vast Coverage: LoRaWAN offers extensive coverage, reaching up to 15 kms in line-of-sight conditions. This long-range capability is crucial for monitoring activities across large urban areas.

  • Power Efficiency: LoRa systems are known for their low power consumption, making them ideal for IoT applications in rural areas. These IoT devices can operate for up to 5 years on a single battery charge, providing indifferent monitoring functions with significantly less costs of maintenance and replacement.

  • Outstanding Security: LoRaWAN is designed with robust security features that safeguards valuable industrial information to its owner. Beyond the standard AES encryption, LoRaWAN implements end-to-end encryption for application payloads, making it one of the few IoT networks to do so, thereby protecting data from eavesdroppers and replay attacks.

By enabling remote and real-time monitoring using LoRaWAN internet connectivity, IoT technologies benefit industries that operate in rural areas, providing tangible benefits through

  • Efficient asset & Inventory management Systems

  • Performance monitoring and Predictive maintenance of equipments and infrastructures

  • Enhance Supply chain management by effective utilisation of human resources

  • Optimising industrial processes with advanced data analytics.

With durable and cost-effective data collection at your fingertips, various industry can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and resilience in their operations, paving the way for sustainable growth and innovation in remote environments.

  • Agriculture & Farming: Remote monitoring of water reservoir and soil moisture for precision irrigation, tracking live stocks through health parameters and optimising crop management with timely weather reports. 

  • Manufacturing: Improve inventory control through asset tracking, reduce production downtime through predictively maintaining equipment and improve the efficiency of HVAC systems that cover vast in-door floors.

  • Logistics & Delivery: Real-time of shipment tracking, enabling efficient chiller and heater usages for the Temperature and humidity control of perishable goods.

  • Cities & Councils: Monitoring sparse public infrastructures such as bridges, roads and utilities for efficient maintenance, waste management in rural regions can be optimised through bin level monitoring and route optimisation.

  • Healthcare: IoT solutions enable remote patient monitoring for chronic disease management, asset tracking for medical equipment within hospitals, and environmental monitoring for infection control, revolutionising healthcare operations with efficient, real-time data management.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment and Gas, Oil & Energy: enable utilities to remotely meter and monitor water, gas, and electricity usage, detect leaks in pipelines for early intervention, and conduct infrastructure monitoring for preventive maintenance and optimisation, streamlining operations and ensuring efficient resource management.

Simplify Your LoRaWAN Connection with Ellenex

Across our offerings in more than 50 countries and 1000 major international clients, visioning beyond IoT device manufacturing, Ellenex leads the charge in simplifying the adoption of complex LPWAN technology for end-to-end industrial solutions.

Ellenex offers more than 4000 variations of IoT sensors measuring pressure, level, temperature, flow metering, distance, water quality, moisture, load and strain with sensor interfaces, catering to your industrial solutions through our pre-configured and highly integratable platform

Elleex offers variety of LPWAN network connectivity for your IoT devices, Serving as a major player of LoRaWAN technologies, specialising in reliable and timely remote monitoring and communication across remote environments

We pioneered the first fully integrated pressure and level sensors based on LPWAN technologies, seized the opportunities to adapt and integrated the cutting-edge LoRaWAN technologies into our battery-powered sensors. 

Dedicating to a cost-effective solution for our industrial applications, we are relentless in our pursuit of simplicity and efficiency. By prioritising user-friendly designs, streamlined integration processes, and competitive pricing, we empower our clients to harness the power of LPWAN technology without unnecessary complexity or financial burden.

With our newly launched IoT device management interface, clients only need to register the Ellenex LoRaWAN device (i.e., both sensors and gateways) with an extremely simple login style of connection input.

Differentiating Ellenex from other IoT solution providers, our products and data collection process through LoRaWAN technologies are completely pre-configured, suiting client-specific & Industrial-specific demands while preserving our high quality standards in both sensor performance and communication stability.

Image that showcase how IoT platform provide the simplification and user-friendly end-to-end solutions to our industrial clients

Ellenex Offerings

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