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How is Ellenex IoT Software Platform efficient and cost-effective for industrial IoT applications?

Cisco estimates that 74 percent of IoT projects fail.
Two of the main causes of this high failure rate is lack of scalability for implemented solutions and hardware-software mismatch.
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Previously, we have delved into various capabilities of the Ellenex Platform, such as customization options, role-based access control, and device management features. However, today we aim to go a step further and explain why the Ellenex Platform's connectivity and data processing capabilities are unparalleled in the industry, especially when compared to cloud giants like AWS IoT Core or Azure IoT Hub.

Ellenex IoT Platform's Efficiency in Data Transmission

Utilizing UDP Protocol

Ellenex has chosen the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for data transmission. Unlike TCP, UDP doesn't require the extra time and battery-consuming overhead for handshaking, acknowledgments, and session establishment. This feature makes it ideal for the battery-operated devices in the remote areas

Proprietary Transmission Mechanism

We have also developed a proprietary data transmission mechanism that guarantees the secure flow of data from the device to the cloud. This includes redundancies in the device to log and transmit data as needed, ensuring that no data is lost in the transmission process.

Low Power Consumption

Because of this mechanism, the Ellenex devices operate with significantly lower power consumption. When you are deploying an IoT system, especially in remote areas where power resources are scarce, this makes a substantial difference.

Cutting-Edge Data Processing

Scalable Architecture

Upon data reception, our fleet of microservices is activated, scaling dynamically based on the load. These services handle the data packets and push them into our time-series database for further visualization and reporting. This is a key feature for modern platform architecture for scalability, maintainability at scale, and low operation cost.

Asynchronous Operations

One vital aspect we employ is asynchronous data processing. Our event-driven architecture ensures that neither the device nor any function has to wait for a response. We've minimized bottlenecks, allowing for data processing and insertion in a very tight time window (100-150ms).

Synchronized Hardware - Software design

Ellenex software platform is one of the very limited platforms in the market, which has been designed in parallel with Ellenex hardware design with the mindset of fully integrated design to extract the maximum capability from the device, optimize the power consumption, and eliminate unnecessary device-platform configurations. This unique architecture provides the ultimate flexibility to offer pre-configured devices in the large scale with more than 4,000 device configurations.

Cost-Effectiveness: More than Just a Buzzword

All-in-One Subscription

All these efficiencies result in cost savings, which we pass on to you, our customers. Our pricing models are highly competitive, and we offer a one-stop solution that includes the SIM Card, Data Transmission and Processing, Device Management, Visualization, and Calibration services.

Lower TCO

When considering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), our platform stands out for not just its feature richness but also the cumulative cost benefits gained from high efficiency and low power usage.


The Ellenex Platform isn't just another IoT platform; it's a meticulously designed ecosystem aimed at maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs at a large scale. From its choice of UDP for fast and low-power data transmission to its use of an asynchronous, event-driven architecture for processing, Ellenex goes the extra mile to provide an unparalleled service. And, most importantly, we do it without breaking the bank.


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