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An igniting success: LoRaWAN Boiler Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System

Boilers are the unsung heroes of many industrial processes, tirelessly producing steam to power machinery and heat systems. For one of our valued clients, a leading manufacturing company, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of their boilers was a paramount concern.
Boiler Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
Boiler Pressure and Temperature Monitoring

Client: Property Management Company

Partners: Ready IoT & EveryNet Technology: LoRaWAN


In this success story, we delve into the challenges they faced and how our solution, transformed their boiler monitoring system. Our client, a major player in the building management industry, faced a critical challenge in maintaining the performance and efficiency of their boiler systems. The main issue was the lack of smart monitoring for boiler pressure and temperature. Each and every boiler had to be inspected by trained personnel regularly and analog data was measured manually, which was not only time-consuming but also a very tedious process to maintain paper logs. This oversight made it difficult to anticipate potential problems, leading to costly downtime and safety hazards.

Factors such as rising demand for automation to optimize the performance of the boiler and increasing demand for boiler control in the power generation sector owing to the increased power generation capacities are some of the major drivers for the market.

The core sensing technology implemented in this solution was the customized Ellenex PTD2-L: Industrial Pressure Sensor with inbuilt Temperature Sensor, to make it suitable for pressure and temperature monitoring at 125 degrees Celsius, which relied upon the high-temperature IoT sensing element. The added value of this technology was profound and reduced unexpected shutdowns and optimizing maintenance schedules, the technology led to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

Ellenex PTD2
Ellenex PTD2

This was one of their first LoRaWAN devices that was implemented to read data regularly at custom intervals and upload to the customer's platform via LoRaWAN Connectivity, which meant that a LoRa gateway was installed at the main office of each property. Alarms were set and notifications were enabled for certain thresholds.

The collaboration was pivotal in achieving outstanding results. By addressing the client's challenge and implementing the monitoring solution, we were able to:

  • Reduce Downtime: Downtime due to boiler issues was reduced drastically, resulting in substantial cost savings.

  • Safety Improvements: The implementation of near real-time monitoring led to an exponential reduction in safety incidents, ensuring the well-being of the workforce.

  • Operational Optimization: With predictive analytics, maintenance schedules were optimized, resulting in an incredible increase in operational efficiency.

This empowered our client to overcome their challenges, leading to improved safety, reduced downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency. In an industry where every second counts, this partnership exemplifies the power of innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. Boiler pressure and temperature monitoring is just one example of how technology can revolutionize industries. As we look toward the future, it is clear that with the right partners and the right technology, even the most complex industrial challenges can be met and conquered.

LoRaWAN Boiler Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System
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