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Ellenex: Pioneering Multi-Sensor Interfaces for the Digital Age.

Unlocking the Power of Data Fusion and Connectivity with lower cost

New Approach: Promises delivery of data closer to real-time, bridging the gap between the present and the future of data-driven insights.

Multi-Sensor Interfaces
RM1 series of ellenex multi-sensor offers connectivity of up to 5 sensors

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary technology, the fusion of diverse sensors and the proficient handling of their data streams have become fundamental to driving innovation and efficiency. As we immerse ourselves in an ecosystem increasingly populated with sensors, the quest for optimal multi-sensor interfaces has taken center stage.

Before the companies used to rely on an older approach, which was not real-time but more of a traditional logger-based system. The transition to LoRaWAN (Low-Ranging Wide Area Network) and NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technologies marked a significant shift toward near real-time remote asset monitoring. Here, we introduce Ellenex, a visionary company positioned at the vanguard of this revolution, specializing in crafting cutting-edge solutions for multi-sensor interface challenges. In this blog, we'll dive into the pros and cons of Ellenex's Multi-Sensor Interface, compare it with the previous old approach, and explore how LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technologies have transformed the way they collect data, moving from "log and check later" to "near real-time" monitoring.

Advantages of Multi-Sensor Interface

  1. Near Real-Time Data: The Multi-Sensor Interface offers nearly real-time data, reducing delays in data acquisition and decision-making. It is critical for preventive asset management and action-based decision-making.

  2. Enhanced Connectivity: With expanded connectivity options, it can integrate a wider range of sensors, enabling more comprehensive monitoring.

  3. Modular and Versatile: Ellenex's new approach provides flexibility, allowing clients to adapt the system to their specific needs easily.

  4. Long-Term Cost Savings: With significantly lower cost compared to the old-style monitoring systems, the multi-sensor interface proves cost-effective in the long run due to improved efficiency and reduced maintenance. This capability puts both CapEx and OpEx in a lower range.

  5. Immediate Data Access: Data is readily available, enhancing the client's ability to respond to critical events promptly.

  6. Diverse Applications: The multi-sensor interface can be applied to a broader range of use cases, making it suitable for various industries and scenarios.

  7. Lower Initial Cost: Thanks to the advanced technology of the devices, implementing the multi-sensor interface requires less upfront investment compared to the old logger-based approach and will save much more in the course of time.

  8. Complex Implementation: Setting up and configuring the data loggers may be more complex than using the Ellenex multi-sensor interface. To address this complexity, Ellenex offers pre-configured solutions as a part of a comprehensive solution that includes expert engineering support.

Old(Logger-bassed) Approach vs. Multi-Sensor Interface

To better understand Ellenex's Multi-Sensor Interface, let's compare it with the old logger-based approach.


Old (Logger-Based) Approach

Multi-Sensor Interface

Real-time Data

Not real-time

Near real-time





Limited flexibility

Versatile and modular


Lower initial cost

Long-term cost savings

Data Accessibility

Delayed access

Immediate access

Use Cases


Diverse application

Use Case: RM1 with Float Switch, Temperature and Humidity, Level Sensor with Builtin Temperature

Let's explore a practical use case demonstrating the effectiveness of Ellenex's Multi-Sensor Interface. In this scenario, the client employs the RM1 sensor along with a float switch, temperature and humidity sensors, and a level + temperature all connected via MQTT.

Client Requirements

  • Data Accuracy: The client demands precise data on water levels, temperature, and humidity within their industrial tanks.

  • Timely Alerts: Timely alerts for abnormal conditions such as high humidity, low water levels, or temperature fluctuations are crucial to prevent potential issues.

  • Remote Monitoring: The client seeks remote access to monitor the conditions of their tanks from anywhere.


  1. Float Switch: Installed within the tank, the float switch provides real-time data on water levels. If the level drops below a predetermined threshold, it triggers an immediate alert.

  2. Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Strategically positioned within the tank, these sensors continuously monitor these parameters and transmit data via MQTT to the multi-sensor interface.

  3. Level and Temperature: The Level sensor ensures precise measurements of both level and temperature within the tank, facilitating accurate data analysis.

Benefits for the Client

  • Real-Time Alerts: The RM1 ensures real-time alerts if water levels become critical, helping prevent costly damage.

  • Data Analysis: Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity aids in optimizing storage conditions and maintaining product quality.

  • Remote Access: The MQTT integration allows the client to access and analyze data remotely, promoting proactive decision-making.

multi-sensor interface

In conclusion, Ellenex's Multi-Sensor Interface represents a significant leap forward from the traditional logger-based approach, providing near real-time data access, enhanced connectivity, and unparalleled versatility. While it may involve a higher initial investment and some complexity during implementation, the long-term benefits and diverse applications make it an invaluable solution for various industries, as showcased in the RM1 use case.

Furthermore, the transition from the old logger-based approach to LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technologies has ushered in a new era of near real-time data collection, revolutionizing industrial monitoring capabilities. As Ellenex continues to innovate and adapt to evolving technologies, it remains at the forefront of sensor solutions, empowering businesses with more accurate, efficient, and timely data insights. Links


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