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IoT for health

At Ellenex, we are proud of what we have done so far and committed to being aligned with our vision, even during hard times.

At the moment, people are experiencing a tough situation and facing challenges, and no one has enough experience to deal with because of this unwelcome virus. It is so sad that many people around the world are affected and thousands of them have died.

As a technologist, I believe this is our responsibility to find a solution to this challenge. The best time was yesterday to be prepared, but we were busy with some gadgets and hobby solutions. Humankind is facing some real challenges and technology companies are responsible to be prepared for these challenges. At Ellenex, we are not experienced in medical solutions but ready to help with our knowledge and experience to experts in this field, if it helps. As a pioneer IoT solution provider, we know more about water, agriculture, environmental monitoring, etc. and know challenges in these areas. We are committed to working harder, develop more products with better performance and focus on serious global challenges. We are trying to learn from this pandemic and be ready, prepared and responsible for the challenges ahead of us.

Let’s do our best and be positive.



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