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We are in Distributech. Come and see our latest developments

Updated: Apr 25

Next week, we are introducing our key products to the US utility industry at #distributech 2020. Come and visit us at #LoRaAlliance booth to discuss your applications.

We are presenting:

1. PTS2-L: LoRaWAN pressure sensor to monitor the pressure on the pipelines (water distribution network, gas networks and any other pressurised gas or liquid systems).

2. PLD2-L: LoRaWAN hydrostatic level and temperature sensor for the liquid tank level measurement (water tanks, diesel tanks, other chemical tanks) and water resource management (boreholes, water resources, etc)

3. PLV3-L: LoRaWAN Hydrostatic floating level sensor for level measurement on water resources, lakes, dams, and catchments.

4. TTS2-L: LoRaWAN temperature sensor for the pipelines and hot water supply lines.

5. PDT2-L: LoRaWAN Differential pressure sensor for the smart city and HVAC filters performance monitoring.

As well as:

6. Our micro-service platform and customised features. It is designed for large-scale utility and delivery systems management.

7. Present our engineering capability to design and deliver end to end integratable solutions for the utility industry.

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