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The Ever-Increasing Importance of Water Quality in Agriculture

Farmers face several issues due to poor river water quality, including:

1. Reduced crop yield

2. Increased production costs

3. Health risks to animals and humans

Monitoring water quality using Ellenex water quality sensors gives us knowledge about the condition of waterways and helps us manage catchments, water resources, and the environment. Monitoring may be necessary for one-off studies concentrating on specific problems or knowledge gaps, or it may be a continuous, ongoing process.

We offer the technology that provides solutions for governments, communities, and industries to help manage their water resources.

Water quality must be monitored regularly and the results analysed, evaluated, reported, and acted upon to achieve effective and rigorous management.

We offer four categories of sensors to monitor salinity and conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and pH. We offer sensors, integratable to your platform, or end-to-end solutions to keep everything under your control.


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