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The Clock is Ticking: Just 200 Days Until 3G Shutdown by Major Telcos

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Recent survey shows that approximately 3 million 3G devices, including hundreds of thousands of critical industrial devices, are still in the field.

As everyone heard, major telecommunications companies in Australia have announced that they will be shutting down their 3G networks shortly. This is not just a footnote but a clarion call for medium-sized organizations, government bodies, and councils that have not yet transitioned from their outdated 3G sensor interfaces. While many companies have already updated their systems, a significant number still need to act—and fast!

RE1 and RM1 Series: The Ultimate Answer to the 3G Shutdown for Industrial IoT Applications

That's where Ellenex steps in by offering a new generation and groundbreaking range of pre-configured industrial IoT solutions—the RE1 and RM1 Series. While RM1 is our standard multi-sensor interface, runs on NB IoT, Cat M1, or LoRaWAN communication technologies, RE1 is our pre-configured Low Power Pressure and Flowmeter Interface, tailored to meet industrial demands, offering plug-and-play functionality that eliminates the need for individual field product settings.

With the successful deployment of the products by local governments, councils, and water utility companies, we offer reliable alternatives, with zero pain of adjustment, configuring, or calibrating the devices.

Key Features

IP68 Rated: Safety and durability are our utmost concerns. Our products are IP68-rated, meaning they're dust-tight and designed for prolonged immersion in water, making them ideal for underground applications.

High-Gain Antenna: Stay connected even in the most challenging environments with our high-gain antenna, especially underground applications.

Preconfigured Solutions: Enjoy the luxury of quick and straightforward installation and configuration, thanks to our pre-configured settings. Complex manuals and tedious settings are now things of the past!

Robust, Long-Life Battery: Our durable, long-lasting batteries ensure you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements, providing consistent data collection and monitoring.

Cost-Effective: With the RE1 and RM1 Series, you don't have to compromise on quality for affordability. These solutions are incredibly cost-effective, giving you high-end features without burning a hole in your budget.

and most importantly: integratable to any third-party data analysis platform.

The countdown has begun and only 200 days left. There's no better time than now to transition to reliable and efficient industrial IoT solutions. Ellenex’s RE1 and RM1 Series are the keys to a smooth and seamless transition. Contact us today to future-proof your operations.

Contact our technical support team for a consultancy session and discuss your specific application.

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