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Our first fully integrated compact pressure sensor

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

#ellenex is committed to offering high-quality low power solutions for the wide range of un-touched industrial applications. We have unique solutions for:

> #Oil&#gas

> and #Logistics.

This makes #lowcost#monitoring solutions available for all. We believe #IoT solutions should target the real problem and offer realistic countable ROI and tangible effect on the system performance, traceability, and maintainability. #ellenex is of the first engineering companies across the globe, offering fully integrated, compostable end to end solutions based on the main #LPWAN technologies. With dozens of patents and unique engineering team, we are introducing a new product for the low power industrial internet of things every 2 weeks.

Be with us to experience the future today and make a better life for all.

PTD2-L: world's first compact and a pressure sensor fully integrated #LoRaWAN pressure sensor for industrial applications.



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