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Enhancing Tank Level Monitoring with Ellenex Submersible Level Sensor in Harsh Outdoor Applications


Ellenex Submersible Level Sensor in harsh outdoor applications
Ellenex Plug & Play Tank Level Monitoring Solution in harsh outdoor applications


Water Tank Level Monitoring is a critical aspect of ensuring a reliable water supply, preventing wastage, property damage, and detecting leaks. However, this task can be challenging in harsh environmental conditions, making it essential to have a ruggedized solution that can withstand such remote outdoor applications.

In this regard, Ellenex offers the PLS2-N: Submersible Level Sensor-Standard Model, which provides a plug-and-play, end-to-end tank level monitoring solution. Recently, one of our clients in the Water & Wastewater Industry utilized our submersible level sensor to monitor tank water levels in a desert for performance and predictive maintenance, using NB-IoT connectivity and Ellenex's Software Platform.

Our submersible level sensor is built with advanced technology and durable materials, ensuring its ability to withstand even the toughest conditions. Its accurate and continuous measurement capabilities ensure the efficient functioning of equipment and the treatment process. The PLS2-N device consists of an IP68-rated submersible sensing head/ element connected to the IP66-rated, POM Cylindrical (C-Type) enclosure. Ellenex's Software Platform has enabled our client to accurately visualize and transmit the level data, creating alerts to ensure that the water level is maintained at the desired level. Additionally, the platform provides role-based access control, allowing different users to handle the data differently.

Ellenex's submersible level sensor is an ideal solution for liquid level monitoring in harsh outdoor environments. Contact us today to learn more about our submersible level sensor and how it can enhance your liquid level monitoring in harsh outdoor environments.


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