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Elevate Livestock Management with Ellenex Level Sensor with inbuilt temperature for Water Troughs


Ellenex Level Sensors with inbuilt temperature
Ellenex Level Sensors with inbuilt temperature


In the realm of livestock management, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of animals is a cornerstone of success. This success story highlights how the implementation of the PLD2-L: Ellenex Submersible Level Sensors with Inbuilt Temperature Sensor revolutionized a livestock farm's water trough management, resulting in improved hydration, enhanced animal health, and increased operational efficiency. A progressive livestock farm faced the challenge of efficiently managing water troughs for its diverse herd. The farm struggled to ensure a consistent supply of fresh water and struggled with the monitoring of water levels and temperature. This inconsistency led to potential dehydration, discomfort, and reduced animal productivity, threatening the farm's overall success and profitability. Seeking a comprehensive solution to their water trough level monitoring challenges, the ranch turned to Ellenex and their innovative Level Sensors with an inbuilt temperature sensor, using LoRaWAN as the communication technology to get the data via LoRaWAN gateway located further away from the actual device. Recognizing the potential of this ground-breaking technology, the ranch decided to upgrade its water trough system with these game-changing devices. Investing in the Ellenex Level Sensors with an inbuilt temperature sensor for water troughs is a transformative step towards optimal livestock management. With its effortless water level monitoring and temperature control features, this device ensures that your animals always have access to fresh water at the right temperature.


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