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Come Alive: Self-Organizing IoT devices with Wirepas connectivity

Elevate your remote operations with Wirepas based IoT technologies, achieve a 99.9% of data packet (RX) delivery success rate!
 Wirepas is a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions, with its flagship product, Wirepas Massive, revolutionizing IoT deployments. Wirepas Massive offers unparalleled scalability and reliability by allowing all devices within the network to route data and make decisions locally.

Challenges of IoT Operations in Remote Industrial Regions

In remote industrial regions, the need for passing parameter readings and other critical operational information is paramount for ensuring the efficiency, safety, and productivity of industrial operations. These operations often rely on a multitude of sensors and devices to monitor various parameters such as level, temperature, pressure, humidity, salinity and chemicals concentrations, among others.

  • Limited Connectivity: Remote industrial areas often lack reliable internet connectivity, making it difficult for IoT devices to transmit data in real-time. This limitation hampers the ability to monitor operations effectively and promptly identify issues.

  • Harsh Environmental Conditions: Industrial environments can be harsh, with extreme temperatures, humidity, and other factors that affect the performance of IoT devices. Ensuring the durability and resilience of these devices in such conditions is crucial but challenging.

  • Power Constraints: Many remote industrial sites lack access to a stable power supply, relying instead on batteries, generators or renewable energy sources. This presents a challenge for IoT devices, which require consistent power to operate and transmit data reliably.

  • Distance and Scale: Remote industrial operations often cover vast areas, making it challenging to deploy and manage IoT devices across such distances. Maintaining connectivity and ensuring data accuracy over large-scale deployments is a significant logistical challenge.

  • Maintenance and Support: Remote locations make it difficult and costly to provide regular maintenance and support for IoT infrastructure. This can lead to delays in addressing issues and resolving technical problems, impacting the reliability of data readings.

Wirepas encompasses the ability to scal and provide reliable connectivity across remote envrionments

Addressing these challenges requires innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of remote industrial operations. One such solution is Wirepas network technology, which offers a scalable and reliable connectivity platform designed to overcome the obstacles of IoT deployment in remote environments.

Come Alive: self-organised Communication in Wirepas

A bit confusing? Think of Wirepas as a city's street system where every node is a house. These houses can communicate with its neighbours directly. If one house loses power, it doesn't stop the whole network! instead, the neighbours reroute their communications to another house! As the city grows, new houses simply connect to their neighbours, expanding the network without needing new roads or central hubs, innovative isn't it?

Unlike traditional methods that rely on a single central hub to manage communication, Wirepas takes a decentralised approach. It allows devices to talk directly to each other, forming a mesh network. This means that even if one device is out of reach of the main connection point, it can still relay its message through its neighbors until it reaches its destination.

Steadily being adopted into many industries, it's is recognised as a key contributor to a new global IoT connectivity standard called NR+, and its inclusion in 5G as of October 2021 as the first non-cellular technology in the world indicates a substantial and growing global interest in Wirepas. Just in last year, Wirepas secured $22 million to develop affordable, energy-efficient scalable IoT networks for worldwide enterprise use.

Secures $22 million to develop affordable, energy-efficient scalable IoT networks for worldwide enterprise use.

The overall approach of setting up wirepas network to pass reliable data to industrial end-users

Designed to address the challenges of connecting and managing a large number of sensors in various environments, such as construction, mining, agricultural, and urban settings. Wirepas enables the creation of a self-organising and highly reliable "mesh" network for IoT devices. It operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency band and is designed for massive IoT deployments, offering significant advantages over traditional cellular IoT solutions.

Outstanding characteristics

According to the offical documentation on Wirepas, their outstanding characters are achieved through a combination of advanced networking protocols, security features, and energy-efficient communication methods.

High Reliability: Wirepas is built for ultra-reliable networks, essential for massive IoT deployments. It achieves this through its decentralised operations and adaptive algorithms, ensuring that the network can constantly adapt to environmental changes, making it highly reliable!

Wirepas Massive incorporates numerous self-healing and interference avoidance mechanisms, ensuring exceptional reliability and availability. Data transmission guarantees delivery to the intended destination, with devices maintaining continuous connectivity around the clock. These capabilities remain unaffected by environmental changes and interferences, providing consistent performance regardless of external factors.

Performance and Power Consumption: Wirepas supports two modes of operations; low energy for battery-operated mesh networks; and high-performance for low latency and high throughput at the cost of higher power consumption. This flexibility allows for the optimisation of network performance based on specific application needs

Thanks to its highly energy-efficient operation, every device within the network, including those routing data, can run on battery power with lifetimes spanning multiple years. Wirepas Massive supports low-latency, multi-hop message transfer, ideal for applications demanding response times ranging from tens to hundreds of milliseconds.

"Unlimited scalability, extensive coverage, and high density.": The technology is scalable, allowing for easy dimensioning of gateways depending on data throughput and devices. This scalability ensures that the network can be increased at any time, accommodating the growth of IoT deployments

Wirepas Massive enables limitless scalability in both the number of devices and coverage by allowing all devices to route data and make decisions locally. These networks can span vast geographical areas and offer connectivity even in challenging locations like deep indoors and basements.

"Cost Effective for total Ownership": Wirepas is designed to be cost-effective, supporting many different chipsets and modules, allowing for the selection of the best chip for each application. This flexibility helps in reducing the Bill of Materials (BOM) cost, making it an affordable solution for massive IoT deployments

Wirepas Massive effectively reduces both capital costs (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). The network is self-forming, eliminating the necessity for additional infrastructure. Fully automatic operation facilitates swift and effortless installation, while the firmware is compatible with cost-effective radio hardware. Throughout the system's lifespan, data plan expenses are minimized since backhaul connectivity is required only for a small subset of devices. Furthermore, the self-healing functionality ensures continuous network maintenance, eliminating the need for external interventions and field maintenance.

Ellenex: Forget about organising your IoT devices with Wirepas

Elleex offers variety of LPWAN network connectivity for your IoT devices, Serving as a major player of LoRaWAN technologies, specialising in reliable and timely remote monitoring and communication across remote environments

Undoubtedly, Wirepas is of the most efficient low-power meshed technologies, designed for the large network of sensors with high concentration. Ellenex is also one of the first companies to offer solutions based on the Wirepas technology, We are blending the beauties of self-organised and meshed network into the Ellenex philosophy to address complexities in industrial monitoring in a simple and reliable way!

We prioritise end-to-end simplicity for our industrial clients, alleviating the burden of navigating technical considerations and providing professional, cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Our dedicated team listens to the realistic challenges faced by your industries and leverages our technical expertise to offer optimal connectivity solutions.

Even with your own sim cards, we are capable of tuning our IoT devices to connect to any external platform via MQTT (i.e., the communication protocol for Wirepas). Offering over 4000+ product variations, our IoT solutions are completely pre-configured with any prevalent communication schemes in the realm of LPWAN (Low-power Wide-Area Network) technologies. With our user-friendly software designs, accessing your industrial remote monitoring capabilities is just a few inputs away.

Screentshot of the user-friendly interface and pre-configured set up for your IoT devices, 2 step registration are applicable to any network topologies, including LPWAN providers such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

Ellenex Offerings

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