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From Waste to Resource: Ellenex's wastewater management value chain wizardry unleashed!

Rapid urbanization had placed tremendous strain on the wastewater management value chain, leading to pollution, inefficiency, and skyrocketing operational costs.

wireless water quality monitoring
wastewater and stormwater management, both quantity and quality are key matters for the sustainable urban planning
  • Partner: Engineering Consulting Company

  • Client: Local Municipal Council

  • Technology: NB-IoT


In the heart of a bustling metropolis, our client faced a monumental challenge - efficiently managing and supplying clean water to its ever-growing population. To tackle this formidable problem, they turned to Ellenex, a pioneering technology company specializing in advanced water management solutions.

wireless water quality monitoring Ellenex introduced a wastewater management solution that incorporated two unique features: near-real-time data analytics and predictive maintenance. This cutting-edge water quality sensors and software platform allowed our client to monitor their entire wastewater supply chain in near real-time, identifying inefficiencies and potential issues before they escalated. With predictive maintenance, equipment failures became a thing of the past, drastically reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The implementation journey was not without its share of challenges. Integrating the Ellenex system into the existing infrastructure required meticulous planning and customization. Ellenex's differentiator came into play during this phase - their ruggedized, adaptable, and scalable technology seamlessly merged with the client's unique needs. Challenges such as system integration were expertly navigated, resulting in a robust and secure wastewater management system with the following sensor mounting options for in-line pipe connections.

NB IoT wireless water quality sensor

NB IoT wireless water quality sensor

NB IoT wireless water quality sensor

Near real-time data provided actionable insights, enabling our client to optimize their wastewater treatment processes and reduce energy consumption. Moreover, predictive maintenance reduced maintenance costs drastically, a significant financial relief. Collaboration was a key part of this success story. The results spoke volumes: a significant reduction in water treatment costs, a steady decrease in pollution levels, and an exponential increase in overall operational efficiency. The purpose of ensuring a clean water supply to a growing urban population was not only met but exceeded. This wastewater supply chain transformation, achieved with Ellenex's innovative technology and collaborative approach, underscores the potential of smart water management in today's ever-evolving urban landscape. It serves as a testament to how technology can not only address the challenges of the present but also pave the way for a sustainable future in the water management industry.


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