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The triumphant saga of efficient Industrial Gas Tank Level Monitoring


In the realm of industrial operations, efficient resource management is paramount to minimize production downtime but also significantly enhance workplace safety.

Gas Tank Level Monitoring
Gas Tank Level Monitoring
  • Client: One of the Largest Industrial Gas Supply Plant in Australia

  • Technology: LoRaWAN

Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and Argon are of the key industrial gases, which we offer a unique monitorignsolution for them.

Our client confronted a pressing challenge in monitoring industrial gas tank levels accurately. As their production relied heavily on a steady supply of gases, imprecise measurements led to production bottlenecks and compromised safety. The client's search for a reliable solution led them to Ellenex Solutions for Gas. The industrial gas supply plant grappled with maintaining optimal gas levels in their industrial tanks. Manual monitoring was not only labor-intensive but also posed significant safety risks due to the nature of the gases involved. Inaccurate readings caused production delays, impacting the plant's overall efficiency and profitability. Ellenex's Pressure Monitoring Solution emerged as the transformative answer to the client's challenges. Two standout features paved the way for success:

  • Sensor Technology: Ellenex's PTS2-N: Industrial Pressure Sensor - Standard Model was strategically placed on each gas tank. These high-precision sensors were used to convert the pressure to level. This approach ensured accurate readings even in challenging industrial environments.

  • Cloud-Based Monitoring: The Ellenex Software Platform provided real-time data visualization and analysis. Plant managers could access tank-level information remotely, enabling proactive decision-making and optimizing gas procurement processes.

Implementing a solution of this nature came with its share of challenges. Ensuring the sensors' functionality in such environments, along with calibrating them to accommodate varying gas densities, demanded meticulous engineering. Ellenex's dedication to tailoring the solution to the plant's unique needs was the cornerstone of overcoming these challenges. The client's partnership with Ellenex was characterized by collaboration and synergy. Ellenex worked closely with the client’s engineering team to ensure seamless integration. The outcomes were remarkable: a reduction in production downtime, an increase in production output, and an enhanced safety record through near real-time monitoring.

ellenex solution for oxygen gas cylinder pressure and level monitoring
ellenex solution for oxygen gas cylinder pressure and level monitoring

The triumphant saga of the gas supply plant underscores the role of innovation in industrial progress. Ellenex's Industrial Gas Tank Level Monitoring solution not only resolved immediate challenges but also fortified the plant's capacity for sustained growth. This use case exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge technology to catalyze transformation in established industries, championing efficiency, safety, and profitability. As industries continue to evolve, solutions like Ellenex's are pivotal in fostering prosperity while adhering to the stringent demands of industrial operations.



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