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Flowing towards efficiency: A watershed of success with Non-Urban Water Flow Meter Monitoring

As an outcome of multiple projects with partners in Australia, Germany, and New Zealand, we standardized pre-configured industrial water meter interfaces to the cloud regardless of meter type and output.
Now we can claim ellenex is the only company, that provides pre-configured, customised, and ready to use LPWAN solutions based on NB IoT, Cat M1, LoRaWAN and Wirepas communication technologies

Industrial Water Flow Meter Monitoring by using FMS2-N for Endress Houser meter
  • Partners / Clients: Water Utility Management Company in Australia, System integrator in New Zealand, and Global Water Meter Manufacturer in Germany

  • Technology used: NB-IoT / LoRaWAN


The client operates a range of facilities that rely heavily on water as a critical resource. Accurate Non-Urban Water Flow Meter Monitoring within their processes was essential for various reasons, including regulatory compliance, resource allocation, and cost management. However, the existing flow meter monitoring systems were plagued with inaccuracies, calibration issues, and outdated data reporting. These challenges hindered their ability to make informed decisions and optimize their water consumption effectively.

According to a recent survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 29% of water utilities in Australia have implemented smart water metering solutions.

Enter Ellenex, a pioneer in industrial IoT solutions. Ellenex's Remote Industrial Water Flowmeter Monitoring Solution offered the client a game-changing approach. The solution's two standout features were:

  • Near Real-time Data Accuracy: Ellenex's FMS2-N: NB-IoT/CAT-M1 Industrial Water Flowmeter Interface incorporated advanced sensor interfacing technology that consists of various interface options, depending on the third-party flow meter to provide highly accurate near real-time data on water flow rates. This ensured that the client had access to their water consumption, enabling them to identify discrepancies promptly and make necessary adjustments.

  • Cloud-based Platform: Ellenex Software Platform allows the client to centralize their data and access it remotely from any device. This eliminated the need for manual data collection and reporting, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

During the implementation process, the team faced challenges such as integrating the new system with the existing infrastructure and ensuring seamless data transfer. Through collaborative problem-solving, Ellenex demonstrated its differentiator – a commitment to customized ruggedized, plug-and-play, end-to-end remote monitoring solutions tailormade to specific industrial needs. The team fine-tuned the solution to align with the client's unique requirements, showcasing Ellenex's dedication to providing tangible, industry-specific solutions.

integration of FMS2-N to Krohne Modbus water meter
integration of FMS2-N to krohne modbus water meter

The integration of these technologies allowed the client to gain unparalleled insights into their water flow patterns. By identifying inefficiencies and optimizing water usage, they achieved significant cost savings while adhering to regulatory standards. The added value of Ellenex's technology lay not just in accurate monitoring, but in the strategic advantage it gave the client in a competitive industry.

Based on the outcome of these projects, ellenex offers pre-configured and integratable water metering solutions for a wide range of industrial water meters including Krohne, E+H, Octav-Arad, and Honeywell.

Modbus water meter interface
ellenex is the only company, that provides pre-configured, customised, and ready to use LPWAN solutions based on NB IoT, Cat M1, LoRaWAN and Wirepas communication technologies

The success story of the client's transformation underscores the pivotal role technology plays in modern industries. By addressing challenges head-on, leveraging innovative features, and collaborating closely, the client achieved remarkable results. This achievement not only benefits them but also sets a benchmark for sustainable and efficient water management practices across the industry.



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