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Cloud-Based Open Loop Control in Agriculture

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, precision and efficiency are the keys to success. Farmers face the challenge of optimizing irrigation to maximize crop yield while conserving water resources.
Cloud-Based Open Loop Control in Agriculture
Cloud-Based Open Loop Control in Agriculture
  • Partner: Agricultural Firm in Australia

  • Client: Multiple Farms

  • Technology: NB-IoT

There is no doubt that these technologies will play a key role in getting Australia’s agribusiness industry to its $100 billion target.

This success story delves into how our partner, a forward-thinking agricultural operation, overcame these challenges through the implementation of a cloud-based control loop for pressure monitoring in their irrigation systems. Our client was confronted with the task of managing irrigation across vast expanses of farmland. Traditional irrigation systems were inefficient and lacked the precision required for optimal crop growth. The challenge was clear: they needed a solution that could provide near real-time pressure monitoring to ensure uniform water distribution, reduce water wastage, and ultimately increase crop yields. The solution to our client's problem came in the form of a cutting-edge cloud-based control loop system. This system incorporated several unique features that set it apart:

  • Remote Monitoring: The system allowed our client to monitor pressure levels in their irrigation systems remotely through a user-friendly Ellenex Software Platform. This feature enabled them to make quick adjustments as needed, ensuring consistent water distribution.

  • Sensor Technology: Advanced tools were integrated into the platform, providing near real-time insights into irrigation performance. This allowed our clients to make data-driven decisions and optimize their irrigation schedules for each field via looping a soil moisture sensor and the water spraying system.

Implementing the cloud-based control loop system was not without its challenges. One major obstacle was integrating the new technology into the existing irrigation infrastructure. Additionally, ensuring data security and reliability in remote monitoring presented technical hurdles. However, Ellenex, the provider of this innovative solution, stood out in overcoming these challenges.

Ellenex's differentiator was its robust, ruggedized end-to-end support and expertise. They provided comprehensive training and support to our client's team, ensuring a smooth transition. Their dedication to addressing unique challenges demonstrated their commitment to customer success.

The added value of this technology was twofold:

  • Optimized Water Usage: With near real-time pressure monitoring and data analytics, our client reduced water wastage significantly. This not only conserved precious resources but also lowered operational costs.

  • Increased Crop Yields: Precise control over irrigation schedules resulted in healthier crops and increased yields, translating into higher profits for our client.

Ellenex worked with the partner to implement this groundbreaking solution successfully. The results were nothing short of remarkable. It impacted water usage, but the most important factor was the peace of mind of using a fully integrated solution with a fraction of the cost of other traditional irrigation systems.

This success story illustrates the transformative power of cloud-based control loop systems in agriculture and it is just the first step for a more comprehensive solution with an enormous impact on the farm operation. By addressing the challenges faced by our client and leveraging cutting-edge technology, they achieved their goal of optimizing irrigation processes, conserving resources, and ultimately thriving in the agricultural industry. Cloud-Based Open Loop Control in Agriculture is a unique capability of the LPWAN technology, promoted by ellenex to the market.


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