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Innovative solution for Diesel Generators

Level sensor on a diesel generator

Exciting news! We recently worked with one of our clients who had multiple generators scattered throughout their vineyards but faced a challenge with the diesel fuel tanks being too small for the deployment of a traditional diesel-level sensor. With our team's expertise and innovation, we were able to solve this problem using a sensitive pressure sensor connected to one of the tank outlets, which we integrated with the Ellenex platform (

Despite the vineyard being far from any network tower, we were able to set up a custom external antenna for the devices to ensure that they received the network to transmit the data. As a result, the client was able to take advantage of the features on the platform, such as near real-time monitoring of fuel levels.

By using Ellenex pressure sensors, our client could know precisely the level in each tank and plan their routine based on data, resulting in significant savings on resources and manpower compared to manual checks. The platform could also send alerts to the client's email or mobile via SMS when the fuel levels reached a certain threshold, enabling proactive refilling of the tanks.

We're thrilled to have been a part of our client's success story and look forward to partnering with more businesses to help them optimize their operations.


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