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Remote Manhole Water and Wastewater Level Monitoring

Enhancing urban management with efficient manhole water level monitoring

  • Streamlined wastewater handling with near real-time manhole monitoring

  • Reliable data through IP68 water-resistant sensors

  • IoT-driven approach for optimized urban water management


Ellenex's battery-operated Submersible Level Sensors with IP68 water resistance and NB-IoT technology offer a comprehensive solution for remote manhole water and wastewater level monitoring. These ruggedized sensors are designed to withstand harsh industrial applications, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding conditions. The IoT sensors transmit near real-time data every few hours, allowing for prompt response and informed decision-making.

The benefits of using this approach include:

  1. Improved safety and efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data collection in hazardous environments.

  2. Continuous monitoring, providing timely alerts in case of potential overflows or infrastructure issues.

  3. Near real-time data transmission for quick response and decision-making.

  4. Reduced maintenance costs and labor requirements.

  5. IP68 water resistance for reliable performance in submerged conditions.

  6. Long-lasting battery life, suitable for remote and hard-to-reach locations.

  7. Environmentally-friendly NB-IoT technology with low power consumption and minimal interference.

By adopting Ellenex's Submersible Level Sensors with IP68 water resistance and NB-IoT technology, municipalities and utility companies can effectively monitor and manage their manhole water and wastewater levels, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their infrastructure while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.


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Remote Manhole Water and Wastewater Level Monitoring

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Battery Operated

Manholes are essential for managing water and wastewater systems in urban areas. However, monitoring water levels and wastewater levels in these manholes can be challenging due to limited access, harsh environments, and the need for regular manual data collection. This makes it difficult to maintain efficient operations, prevent overflows, and avoid costly damage to infrastructure.


Remote Manhole Water & Wastewater Level Monitoring with Ellenex Submersible Level Sensors

Purple Podiums

Effective remote monitoring of manhole water and wastewater levels is crucial for maintaining the health and efficiency of urban water infrastructure systems, reducing the risks of overflows and environmental pollution.