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pH Monitoring in Remote Industrial Water Treatment Units

Innovative pH monitoring solutions for optimized water treatment processes

  • Near Real-time pH data for improved treatment outcomes

  • IoT-driven approach for efficient remote monitoring

  • Guarding water quality with precision sensor technology


Using the battery-operated pH sensor manufactured by Ellenex, this challenge can be significantly mitigated. These sensors leverage Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology to transmit data, providing near real-time updates on the pH levels of the water.

  1. Sensors Used: The Ellenex pH sensor is the key device used in this solution. With its IP65 rating, it is ruggedized and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of remote industrial sites.

  2. Ease of Installation: Due to their battery-operated nature, these sensors can be installed with minimal hassle and do not require a constant power supply.

  3. Near Real-Time Monitoring: With data transmission every few hours, it allows for near real-time monitoring of pH levels in the water. This improves the response time to any anomalies and enhances the overall water treatment process.

  4. Durability: The ruggedised design of Ellenex sensors ensures their longevity, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

  5. Enhanced Connectivity: The use of NB-IoT technology allows for reliable and enhanced connectivity even in remote locations, ensuring that pH data is consistently reported.

Addressing this challenge using the Ellenex pH sensor will drastically improve the monitoring process in remote water treatment units, resulting in enhanced water quality and resource management.


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pH Monitoring in Remote Industrial Water Treatment Units

Rugged Design


Battery Operated

Remote industrial water treatment units often face challenges in continuous pH monitoring due to their inaccessible locations, harsh environmental conditions, and power constraints. This lack of consistent monitoring leads to ineffective water treatment, posing risks to both human health and environmental safety.


Enhancing pH Monitoring in Remote Industrial Water Treatment Units with NB-IoT technology

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Effective pH monitoring in remote water treatment facilities is a critical component of ensuring water quality and safety, ultimately contributing to the global aim of sustainable water management.