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Unveiling the Future: What's New in the Next Ellenex IoT Platform Update

Until now, the Ellenex IoT Platform has wowed users with its versatile feature set designed to cater to modern LPWAN networks like NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, and Wirepas. Today, we focus on unveiling the future of Ellenex — the next-gen updates and innovative features to supercharge your IoT solutions. Your feedback is vital; it helps us refine and perfect our platform.

A decorative image with solar panel and windmills

Advanced Device Mapping for Real-World Assets

With the first generation of our platform, we wanted to build a solid foundation to connect a wide variety of products from the current and next generation of LPWAN networks. Our platform now supports NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and Wirepas networks with full uplink and downlink capabilities. When we first built our core components we only supported NB-IoT but we were able to quickly build modules for LoRaWAN and Wirepas due to the flexibilities and modular nature of the platform.

Now we want to take this one step further and build systems around mapping devices into logical components/assets based on where the device is actually installed. You can currently split the devices based on access level like teams per subscription but with device mapping, you will be able to visualise data for a physical asset like a tank or a farm with various devices mapped to it.

With this feature, we wanted to reduce the technical aspect of measuring level with a device and being able to see how much water or fuel you have left in a tank.

Actuator Support for Comprehensive Automation through the industrial IoT platform

Until now, Ellenex allowed data measurement and visualization while facilitating downlinks to adjust device parameters. We're expanding this by introducing actuators that control valves, electronics, and more. These actuators will have Day 1 support, enabling near real-time automation based on sensor data.

This update will let you enjoy full closed-loop control automation. For example, if a tank's level is low, you can activate an electric pump, monitor its efficiency, and deactivate it once the tank is full. Future releases will include predictive analytics for efficiencies and losses.

Updated mobile and desktop user interface

Our platform is feature-rich and fine-tuned for our industrial partners with a focus on desktop user experience. We have received feedback from our end users and will be launching a more mobile-friendly interface along with a new iOS and Android app initially to support use cases for farmers.

We will later be deploying the updates and new features to improve our desktop experience as well.

Rule Engine, Bulk Updates, and Limitless Opportunities

Last but not least, our upcoming rule engine will facilitate complex automation rules through event-based actions. This feature allows mass behavior modification for devices. Imagine altering the flood-monitoring frequency for hundreds of devices based on weather forecasts — all at once. We're also introducing predefined scenarios for regular tasks, leaving room for limitless customization.

These updates will roll out during 2024. Feel free to share your feedback as we continue evolving the Ellenex IoT Platform to meet your future needs.


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