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Dive into the World of Protection; Demystifying the IP68 Rating of Our Cutting-Edge Sensors"

According to a study by the International Electrical Commission (IEC), insufficient protection against environmental factors contributes to approximately 30% of equipment malfunctions in outdoor settings.
ellenex offers certified IP68 products and beyond
ellenex IP68 rate products

The importance of the IP (Ingress Protection) rating for products used in outdoor remote areas cannot be overstated. Outdoor environments, especially in remote areas, often subject equipment to challenging conditions such as dust, rain, snow, and varying temperature fluctuations. The IP rating system provides a standardized measure of how resistant a device is to these external factors, with the first digit representing protection against solid particles and the second against liquids. Without an adequate IP rating, equipment is more susceptible to premature failure and damage. According to a study by the International Electrical Commission (IEC), insufficient protection against environmental factors contributes to approximately 30% of equipment malfunctions in outdoor settings. Moreover, in industries such as mining, telecommunications, and energy, where assets in remote locations are often critical, this can result in millions of dollars in repair costs, operational downtimes, and lost revenues annually. As such, ensuring that products have a suitable IP rating is not only a matter of enhancing durability but also an essential economic consideration.

ellenex ip68 products

IP rating (Ingress Protection rating), is a standardized system that defines the level of protection provided by an enclosure (such as a housing or casing) against the intrusion of foreign objects (like dust and water). The IP rating is typically represented by the letters "IP" followed by two digits. Each digit represents a specific aspect of protection:

Solid objects

The first digit specifies protection against solid objects:

  • ‘0’: No protection.

  • ‘1-6’: Protection against various sized solid objects, from large body parts to dust particles.

ellenex ip68 sensors

Liquid objects

The second digit specifies protection against liquids:

  • ‘0’: No protection.

  • ‘1-9’: Protection against different levels of water exposure, from dripping water to high-pressure jets and steam.

ellenex ip68 sensors

What IP rating do I need?

The required IP rating is dependent on the application and the environmental conditions the product will be exposed to. For instance, a product that is to be used indoors does not require high IP ratings, compared to a product that is to be used outdoors.

Testing IP ratings

The testing of IP ratings is carried out by subjecting the enclosure or device to various tests designed to simulate real-world conditions. These tests are conducted in specialized laboratories and follow international standards, usually set by organizations such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ‘IEC 60529’ to be exact under Australian Standards. The testing procedures include:

  • Dust and Solid Particle Protection

  • Water Ingress Protection

  • Immersion Testing

  • High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Testing

  • Mechanical Impact Testing

  • Electrical Testing

ellenex products are tested and certified by global authorised body for ingression test of IP65 and IP68 and received certification. In addition to the global certification, we performed more aggressive tests on devices to be sure products are working reliably in different conditions on very low temperatures or very high temperatures and being under the water for a longer time and more depth.

After undergoing these tests, the device's performance is evaluated, and then assigned an IP rating based on the level of protection it provides. The higher the IP rating, the more resilient the device is against these environmental factors.

Ellenex’s commitment

In essence, our devotion at Ellenex is unwavering when it comes to prioritizing the safety, quality, and reliability of all our products. We ensure that each product in our lineup is meticulously designed and rigorously tested to achieve the necessary IP68 rating. This dedication not only reflects our promise to deliver cutting-edge technology but also underscores our responsibility toward the well-being of our customers.

ellenex IP68 sensors are defined by number 3 in the product code. for example: PLS3, DUS3, PTS3, etc.



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