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We added a bit more to Australia's most connected port for better inventory management

diesel and oil tank level monitoring in port

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One of Australia’s busiest ports faced a critical challenge in managing and monitoring the levels of diesel and oil in their tank storage facilities. The manual monitoring process was time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked near real-time insights, leading to potential supply chain disruptions and safety risks. To overcome these challenges, the port sought an advanced solution that would enable efficient monitoring, improve data accuracy, and ensure seamless operations.

Ellenex, a leading provider of industrial IoT solutions, offered a cutting-edge platform for tank-level monitoring, specifically designed to meet the needs of this port. One unique feature of the Ellenex solution was its PLS2-N: Submersible Level Sensor-Standard Model, which could be easily installed on tanks without the need for extensive infrastructure modifications. These battery-operated sensors provided accurate, near-real-time data on the levels of diesel and oil, transmitted to the cloud through the Cat M1 cellular network. Ellenex leveraged a combination of cutting-edge technologies to deliver this tank-level monitoring solution. The Cat M1 sensors accurately measured the diesel and oil levels, whilst wirelessly transmitting data to the platform. The added value of this technology was manifold. Firstly, it eliminated the need for manual inspections, saving time and resources while reducing human errors. Secondly, near real-time data enabled proactive decision-making, preventing stockouts and supply disruptions. Additionally, the Ellenex software platform boasted an intuitive user interface, accessible from any internet-enabled device. This feature empowered port personnel to monitor the tank levels remotely, set custom alerts for low levels or anomalies, and receive automated notifications in case of any critical situations. Lastly, the platform's historical data analysis allowed for predictive maintenance, inventory management, optimizing operational efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs.

The results of implementing Ellenex's solution were outstanding. The Port achieved a significant improvement in operational efficiency, with near real-time visibility into tank levels leading to better inventory management. Ellenex's end-to-end tank-level monitoring solution added more flexibility to one of the most automated ports across the globe and made stock management easier and more reliable with an instant RoI for the operations. By addressing the specific challenges faced by the client and harnessing advanced IoT technologies, the partnership between Ellenex and Port exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in the maritime industry.




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