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Company News: Partnership for Better Solution Delivery

New Boundary Technologies & Ellenex Turnkey Tank Level Monitoring Solution


Water management is a critical challenge for farmers and livestock owners worldwide. Efficiently monitoring water levels in tanks is essential to ensure the well-being of livestock and maximize agricultural productivity. In a groundbreaking move, Ellenex, a renowned sensor technology company, has joined forces with New Boundary Technologies, a US-based leader in IoT solutions, to create a comprehensive tank level monitoring solution. This innovative collaboration aims to make the change and accelerate the way farmers manage their water resources, improving the lives of both livestock and farmers alike.

The Challenge of Water Management

Water scarcity and unpredictable weather patterns pose significant challenges for agricultural practices, particularly for livestock farmers who heavily rely on water availability for their animals. Traditional methods of monitoring water levels, such as manual checks, are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. Ensuring a constant water supply is essential to maintain the health and productivity of livestock, making real-time monitoring solutions a necessity.

Collaborating with a US Partner

Recognizing the global demand for a reliable tank level monitoring solution, Ellenex sought to collaborate with a reputable partner that could bring expertise in IoT technologies to the table. New Boundary Technologies emerged as the perfect fit due to its long-standing reputation for delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions across various industries.

With a significant presence in the US market, New Boundary Technologies could provide invaluable insights into the specific needs and challenges faced by American farmers. Moreover, their expertise in developing secure and scalable IoT platforms made them an ideal partner for integrating Ellenex's sensor technology into a user-friendly and robust system.

New Boundary Technologies: Innovators in IoT Solutions

Established in 1985, New Boundary Technologies has been at the forefront of IoT innovation for several years. The company's reputation is built on creating powerful and scalable solutions for data collection, analysis, and control. Their IoT expertise extends to diverse industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and service industries.

By collaborating with Ellenex, New Boundary Technologies aims to extend its reach into the agricultural sector, addressing the pressing issue of water management in livestock farming. The integration of Ellenex's cutting-edge sensor technology into their IoT platform promises to deliver a seamless and comprehensive tank level monitoring solution that meets the unique needs of farmers.

Water management is just a beginning ...

The collaboration between Ellenex and New Boundary Technologies marks a big step forward in the domain of water management for livestock farming. By combining Ellenex's expertise in sensor technology with New Boundary Technologies' IoT capabilities, they have created a user-friendly, precise, and reliable tank level monitoring solution.

This innovative partnership holds the potential to enhance water management practices worldwide, benefiting farmers and livestock alike. With real-time data at their fingertips, farmers can optimize their water usage, enhance their livestock's well-being, and ultimately, drive greater productivity and success in their agricultural endeavors. As the agricultural industry continues to face environmental challenges, the Ellenex and New Boundary Technologies collaboration is a shining example of how technology can contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Successful delivery of water management solutions in the agriculture and farming industry is just the start for further collaborations for many other parameters like pressure, temperature, flow, and water quality in many other industries.

Please download the solution catalogue here:

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