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Breaking New Grounds in Export Excellence!

As we reflect on our recent accomplishments, I am excited to share that our team has outdone themselves, setting another benchmark in our export history. Our last 3 month's sales record witnessed a surge in our export figures, hitting a remarkable 78% of our total production - a record high for Ellenex!

This milestone is not just a number; it represents the culmination of relentless dedication, innovative strategies, and the seamless execution of successful projects that have resonated across borders. Our products have not only met the global standards but have become a testament to the quality and excellence we stand for.

Special thanks to our incredible team, whose expertise and hard work have propelled us to these heights. And to our partners and clients worldwide - your trust fuels our commitment to reaching and surpassing these milestones.

In an era where advanced manufacturing in Australia faces a labyrinth of challenges, from intricate supply chains to the need for cutting-edge innovation, our team has not only navigated these waters but has set a new precedent.

The journey to this achievement was not a solitary one. It represents a synergy of grit, adaptability, and a forward-thinking mindset. In a market where only a handful of companies thrive to this extent on the global stage, our success stands as a beacon of what is possible.

Moreover, this success echoes the ambitions of the Australian government's NRF project, which is catalysing the advanced manufacturing sector in Australia. Our strides in export are a testament to the potential of Australian manufacturing and innovation, showcasing our ability to compete at the highest international levels.

We stand proud, but not complacent, acknowledging that this is just the beginning and there are much to do and much more to come.



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