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At ellenex, we don't believe in data for data sake. So what that your equipment and machine's punch out data? How is it of value to your business? What can you do with that data to drive value for your business?


These are the questions that drive our engineering effort and the answers to which factor in the design of our sensing elements. 


It's also why we've created a total plug and play platform: everything from the physical sensing element itself through to the data it provides and how you use this data is configurable to your needs.


Nor are we slaves to IoT's hype. We believe in IoT's transformational potential for business and we've created a product that delivers on this promise. Less hype, just products that work. 



With two decades of experience in manufacturing and close contact with key industries, ellenex understand the importance of reliability, repeatability, durability and sustainability in production and service lines.


Any individual sensor connected to the network, acting as an eye to monitor the process and provides critical data to make decisions or any further actions. 


This led us to work hard and get support from world-leading partners in any segment of this data transfer process. This helps us to provide DATA STREAM from the sensing element to the customer's desktop or control system.

Our Accurate and Low Power Sensors, Securely connected to interchangeable networks and platforms, provides reliable data with added value.   


This guarantees the quality of DATA STREAM with the highest level of flexibility and customisation with significantly lower cost. 








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