Whilst Ellenex's Sensors solve the problem of capturing, collecting, storing and displaying data better than anyone, the critical value adds in Ellenex's IoT platform is the ability to connect this data to actions that are of high value to your business. 


Through Ellenex's IoTasker Platform, you set the actions that need to get done in any situation and who needs to do them.


The rest happens, automatically. 


Whereas once you may have had maintenance people scheduled to periodically check on equipment, they now get action alerts from that tell them everything they need to do. 


Presists in Vanuatu who walked for hours checking water level now know ...


Beer kegs never running low. An Ellenex pressure sensor can trigger your supply chain (generate an order) when it senses your kegs are running low. 

By Eellenex solutions, manholes never get blocked, BBQs are never run out of gas and filters are never getting over dirty.


Ellenex's total plug and play solutions provide a real capability to reduce operational cost, energy consumption and human time as well as making systems more predictable and more manageable.


At Ellenex, we are working on great products and implementing uniques solutions to deliver unbeatable competitiveness for our customers by offering a reliable integrated chain of data interpreted by AI, action by cloud-based control loops and blockchain smart contracts.




Water Tank Level Monitoring

HVAC and Compressor Monitoring

Hydraulic Systems Maintenance
Sewage /Wastewater Monitoring
Pump Performance Monitoring
Inventory Management

Maintenance Planning
Bore Hole Level and Pressure
Filter Performance Monitoring
Pressure Drop Monitoring

Industries Served:


Water and Wastewater, Agriculture and Farming, Smart Building and HVAC, Mining, Construction, 

Cities and Environment, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Transport & Logistics, Marine, Road and Rail.




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