Australian innovation-driven company, developed something new for pressure and level measurement.

At Ellenex, we believe that sensors and measurement systems are the most important parts of any process system and production line. They are playing a roll of your eyes in all steps of process and system activity.

Combination of almost 2 decades experience in this area and recent developments in IoT (Internet of
Things) networks led us to design and manufacture the first fully integrated and efficient LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless pressure and level sensors for mass IoT applications.


Our new range of products, opens new opportunities for industries to implement industrial internet of things (IIoT) in their production plants and service system easily with lowest cost.   

Thanks to our great team and excellent partners, we made something to add value to your system, not only provide a raw data; while others are still thinking or talking about IoT.


Quality of system, accuracy, performance over a period of time, initial costs, service costs, calibration cost, compatibility with other current systems, possibility of integration with any other control or acquisition system, after sales service, delivery, warranty condition, robustness and compatibility with application condition are key parameters, we are considering in all design and manufacturing processes and provide the best for our valuable customers.



Ellenex is a pioneer LPWAN wireless pressure and level sensor manufacturer, providing the first fully integrated system, based on latest technologies to provide added value to the data taken from the sensor and help you to make more accurate decisions.  

We know the value of each customer and care all of them as a premium customer to build lifetime cooperation ties with them.


We are ready to challenge others in technology, quality and price. And it works in a very simple way. Let's try our products and compare the quality, performance and ease of use of our products with others.

We planned to connect another 5 Million industrial systems to IoT platforms by 2020. Be a part of this network and use benefits of it to grow your business.

“We are Master of IoP”, PRESSURE is

     that THING we connected to the internet.

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